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Arsene Tungali

Rudi International
Executive Director
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Arsene Tungali has been working and collaborating for the past 7 years on projects related to Internet governance, and other Internet policy issues. He has either conducted or supported research projects, documenting violations happening online such as Internet shutdowns, censorship and other online human rights violations, etc in his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Arsene has attended and contributed either as a participant or a speaker at a number of international events including the annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) where he currently serves as a member of the MAG. He is also involved with the domain name policy issues with ICANN, where he currently serves as member of the GNSO Council. He has attended and spoke at a number of digital rights-focused events such as the RightsCon, etc.

He is the Executive Director of Rudi International, a leading organization in central Africa, conducting a number of ICT projects, focusing on policy and technology. Rudi International has been involved into influencing policies in the DRC Congo (where it is based) with as objective as aiming to have more Internet freedom-friendly legislations and training citizens so they can be part of the move as actors.