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Kelly Kim

Open Net Korea
General Counsel
Seoul, Korea
Kelly Kim is General Counsel at Open Net Korea. Open Net is a non-profit, civil society organization founded in 2013 to defend and promote Internet freedom and digital rights in South Korea. She focuses on issues regarding privacy and mass-surveillance, freedom of expression online, intermediary liability, and digital trade. In the wake of KakaoTalk surveillance scandal in 2014, she carried out “Ask My Info” campaign in 2015 regarding warrantless access to telecom users’ personal information by investigation authorities. She’s been leading the “Minors’ Smartphone Monitoring Law” reform campaign, and together with the Citizen Lab, carried out security audits on Korean parental control apps and disclosed their vulnerabilities. She successfully defended Internet users who were criminally charged for insulting public figures like a former lawmaker. She is leading constitutional cases against the insult law, the “Minors’ Smartphone Monitoring Law,” and the mandatory SIM card registration system in Korea. She also actively engages in and speaks at international fora on Internet freedom including the RightsCon and the UN Internet Governance Forum.
Sunday, December 17

15:00 CET

World Economic Forum: An Open Dialogue for Collaboration in the Digital Economy and Society Salle 14FULLWilliam Hoffman • Kelly Ommundsen

Monday, December 18

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Tuesday, December 19

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Wednesday, December 20

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Thursday, December 21

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