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Reza Salim

BFES Amader Gram
Born in Bangladesh (1960), Reza Salim started his career in social research of changing society at the ground level to improve community health status; later he served as responsible writer for NGO case study project- a comprehensive research program (Anubhav Series) financed by the Ford Foundation.
Reza Salim initiated rural Information and Communication Technology for Development model project named “Amader Gram” which means “Our Villages” in the southwest part of Bangladesh; this research project is being implemented by the BFES- an NGO serving in Bangladesh for rural education, community development and civil society engagements in policy advocacy.
Through the Amader Gram Project (see www.amadergram.org) Reza Salim is developing Knowledge Management tools appropriate for the project owners- the grassroots people that integrate ICTs as an important medium. To understand village society Reza has created a village data depository by which he has outlined the new practice concept – ‘Knowledge Transfer for Development’, a communication for change strategy project to help rural youths. In recent years he is developing cancer health communication ‘social device’ to improve quality health care services in rural society.
Reza Salim served for many international development organizations in the field of health communication & health behaviour change. He was the South Asia Regional Coordinator (Focal Point) for the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) for the year of 2002-2004. He served as Communication Consultant for Bangladesh Government, UNDP, ITU and for DFID.
Reza served as Research Administrator (Quality Assurance Controller) of Ohio State University initiated multi-country Breast Cancer Research for 2006-2012. He was also Associated PI of mHealth study in Bangladesh under a support from Canadian Federal Government through the University of Toronto.
Reza become Fellow of the 21st Century Trust (UK) in September 2000 and has affiliation as Member with Clinton Global Initiatives & with Edward M Kennedy Center for Public Service and the Art.