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Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro

Credo Global
Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro is Director of Operations.  She is an International Lawyer with diverse experience in many areas of law including commercial law, revenue and taxation law, human rights law, public international law, administration law, labour law, information communication and technologies law, constitutional law, contract law, criminal law etc. Salanieta has also successfully defended clients in high profile cases that have been written about by Australian Prosecutor as he then was Mark Tedeschi QC in articles such as Criminal law and social change in Fiji: lessons from two criminal trials.
Salanieta is a legislative drafter and a public policy specialist and has been retained as an International Expert and trained public policy officials etc by intergovernmental organisations from time to time. She was a former Associate in a busy law firm, was a former regulator for the Securities and Capital markets, formerly managed the Pacific regional treaty depositary within an intergovernmental organization, formerly group regulatory counsel for Telecom Fiji and previously managed the $61million Japan Pacific ICT Centre . Salanieta has previously served as Co-Coordinator of the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) which is the oldest civil society network predating the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS); a former member of ICANN’s At Large Advisory Committee and previously served on the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) on Internet Governance which advises the UN Secretary General on matters of Internet Governance. She was also the inaugural Chair of the Fiji Cyber Security Working Group, which was commissioned by Cabinet and appointed by Fiji's Ministry of Defence and National Security. Salanieta founded Pasifika Nexus, a Fiji based Think Tank in which she built a global brand for eight years before transferring ownership and management.

Her work spans several sectors which includes but is not limited to ICT, Climate Change, Human Rights, Gender etc and includes public awareness, capacity building and policy development. In the earlier stages of her career, she won "Best Criminal Law" Essay with the International Bar Association where she was a Fellow with the IBA for two consecutive years in Singapore. She was also a Fellow with the American Bar Association where she was based in Washington D.C as a US State Department Alumni where she worked under the Rule of Law Initiative. She is passionate about empowering communities and ensuring sustainability through a focused and collaborative approach.  She considers herself to be a lifelong learner.
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