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Mili Semlani

My voluntary experience with Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) policy space started as a Netmission Ambassador in 2013 and the APrIGF Fellowship in 2017 further propelled my enthusiasm to work in this ecosystem. As a youth ambassador I was part of the pilot team to introduce youth participation at ICANN and other IG forums (NextGen@ICANN we initiated the Youth@ICANN movement at ICANN 49 in SIngapore). Since 2014 my involvement has grown into a devoted volunteer at regional forums, ISOC chapters, APrIGF, and IGF. Thanks to the early exposure, I have a sound understanding of the complex structure, multi-stakeholder model and their goals, jargon and acronym heavy content and most importantly the guiding principles of the internet ecosystem.

Since then I am working with various issues and topics in the governance and ICT domain as a part of working groups, research teams to shape policy frameworks and record and present valuable output to solve technology policy issues. I am also a volunteer member of MSG APrIGF and its Program and Drafting committees. As External Relations officer for ISOC Mumbai, I also work on facilitating youth participation from students and professionals in Mumbai at regional and global platforms.

My Session Organizers Sessions

Monday, December 18

10:40 CET

Wednesday, December 20

10:10 CET