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Yuliya Morenets

TaC-­‐Together against Cybercrime International
Today, Yuliya leads non-profit organisation TaC-Together against Cybercrime International, which works on the empowerment of users in the field of safe and responsible Internet, child online protection and the Internet Governance issues.
Yuliya is an expert belonging to a number of international organisations on cybercrime and cybersecurity and author or co-author of a number of regulatory texts in different countries. She regularly advises governments and private sector entities on cybersecurity strategies.
Yuliya co-initiated such projects as: Youth IGF Movement, Working group on better participation of vulnerable groups in the Information Society or the Empowerment of vulnerable children online. Yuliya is a former MAG member of IGF - Internet Governance Forum (three terms).
She is a lecturer at Strasbourg University and co-coordinator of the research team at the Faculty of Social Sciences studying the use of ICTs by young people from difficult/deprived areas.
Yuliya is a former Deputy Head of the unit on Cybercrime at the Council of Europe.
She is a graduate from the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris and also holds a Master degree in European Affairs and the L.L.M. in Internet Law.

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Tuesday, December 19

09:00 CET