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Ursula Wynhoven

Representative to the UN, NY
New York
Ursula Wynhoven is an international lawyer with 22 years’ experience. She joined the ITU in September 2017 as its Representative to the UN in NY. Previously, Ursula spent 14 years working for the UN Global Compact, where her last position was Chief, Social Sustainability, Governance & Legal and she was a member of the office’s Executive Committee. Ursula led the UN Global Compact's social sustainability and governance platforms and workstreams, including on human rights and decent work, gender equality, poverty and inequality, peace, anti-corruption and the rule of law. Ursula also led legal affairs and oversaw policy development and implementation of the UN Global Compact’s integrity measures. Ursula's tenure with the UN Global Compact also included a six month loan as Senior Advisor, Business and Human Rights to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Prior to joining the UN, Ursula worked in law firms and government human rights agencies in Australia and the US and for the OECD in Paris on the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.